Nav Ghritam

Nav Ghritam is a generational business running thanks to our blessing - Our cattle farm. It was started over two decades ago by our grandfather, who was very passionate about dairy products and didn’t want to depend on impure outside sources for that.

Through the years, we started making our own ghee, yoghurt, butter and lassi, and extended our products to our family and friends.

In late 2022, we made our flagship offering - Shat Dhaut Ghrit. It’s a moisturizer that’s pure A2 cow ghee washed 100 times with cold water in a copper vessel. This ghee is a time-tested remedy to repair the skin against multiple uses.

It has worked wonders on the skin, healing rashes and burns within days. Shat Dhaut Ghrit is a versatile product that not only solves skin problems but also rejuvenates and enhances the skin’s texture. It’s perfect for both adults and infants, making it a unique product that can benefit the whole family.

We now want to share a part of our family and our farm with you.

What drives us?

Empowering tradition, embracing wellness.

We want to be the hub for all things ghee.

Through our carefully made ghee and ghee-based products, we want to foster a community of people who want to embrace wellness while being rooted in our ancient traditions.

Using traditional methods, we want to promote the well-being of our customers through our range of high-quality, natural products.

Nav Ghritam wants to be synonymous with tradition, authenticity, honor and the sheer discipline for this holistic process.

We bring you the most authentic and traditional products rooted in our culture with a pure intent of good health.


Meet Brijendar

Brijendar is our cattle care-taker. He’ll walk you through how he takes care of our cattle and sources our pure ingredients